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Drunk Twister is the ultimate alcohol drinking game. Besides the standard Twister drinking game, we also detail how to play strip twister (or naked twister)

If you like rough sex with your man and feeling him dominate you, then you need to use the Anvil sex position. It’s the perfect for feeling submissive.

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A variation of the Intersextion position the Twister position differs because both the giver’s and receiver’s legs are wrapped around each others torso (head to toe).

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The Sockets position differs from the Scissors position because although the partners’ legs are inter-crossed (or scissored), the top leg of the receiver is placed in

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Bondage And BDSM! Deviant Sex and Submission! teens in Bondage! Shocking Punishment, Humiliation and !

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Get into a modified pushup position with shins on a Swiss ball and hands on the floor, directly beneath shoulders. Slide your legs about halfway down the sides of the

Learn how to make your man sexually obsessed with you by using the Scissors sex position. It will make you both scream out in orgasmic pleasure.

How to Play Strip Twister. Twister is a great party game and an easy way to burn off steam. But if you’re not feeling inspired to play traditional Twister, there are

Some sex positions are cryptic. The flying lotus? The shy bear? You need an instruction manual and twister game board just to get started.

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