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How To Have A Quickie Here’s How You And Your teenfriend Can Make The Most Out Of A Minute

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25 Sex Tips You Didn’t Know. From frisky foreplay moves to the trick to having a mind-blowing orgasm, we got our trusted sexperts to spill their favorite secrets.

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Because sometimes your quickie can’t wait Great sex shouldn’t always be confined to just your bed (or your house, for that matter).

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No matter how long you’ve been with a partner, there’s always something new you can learn about how to have sex. Follow these 7 tips for hotter sex.

MORE: 7 Incredible Sex Positions for Every Mood. Pick a Prime Location Quickies in the bedroom just seem rushed and random, but a quickie in your hallway or the

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5 Steps to Great 5-Minute Sex Passion and a touch of risk can deliver sexual electricity—in the time it takes you to play a game of 2048 By Laura Tedesco

God has created slow sex as the best tonic for committed relationship. Slow sex would be increasing heightened sensitivity and love in their sex acts. Slow sex

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Quickies get a bad reputation for being unsatisfying, but they can be hot and, if you’re pressed for time, damn convenient. Here are the five best sex positions for a

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