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Bacon has been shunned by the health community for the last half-decade as an artery-clogging, fat-building demon. But baby, bacon’s back. And by the sheer

Bacon makes everything better, but what to do with all the left over lard? Try these fifteen ideas to turn bacon fat into delicious snacks and meals

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We’re not certain which we find more incredulous, the sheer genius behind these bacon fat gingersnaps or the flavor of said genius.

Sep 26, 2013 · Recipe for Bourbon- Bacon Chocolate Chunk Cookies using Maker’s Mark Whisky. Photographs included.

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I know, I know. I’m probably going to lose a lot of you with this one. But just hear me out, would ya? You’re only adding a tablespoon of bacon fat, so it’s not

I made these yesterday but tried precooking the bacon. I cooked it until about 75% done (fairly brown but still flexible). Not only did it cook out a lot of the fat

I’m a big fan of savoury fat bombs! I’ve explained how to incorporate fat bombs in your diet in my post here. Don’t

A guide for how to render bacon fat for use in cooking.

Some recipes, like pie crust or cookies, will call for cold or room temperature bacon fat, which means that the fat will be solid and you’ll cut or beat it into the

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Spectacular! Brilliant! Yummy! As I write this, I am in process of posting my own version of this recipe. I can’t bear to throw out bacon fat only to add butter, so I

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