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Courts have permitted the Amish to live outside the law. But in some places, Amish women are sexually assaulted with no recourse

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Amish women play a significant role in the Amish household and by extension Amish society. Women do not take on the same roles as men in Amish society, a fact that

Modest clothes for plain living families. Offers bonnets, hairpins, and tracts.

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Home page for The Amish Outlaws, an Amish cover band playing all genres of music.

Amish women don’t display their hair for Biblically-based reasons. They also do not cut their hair, pinning it all up underneath a kapp, or prayer covering.

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Kate Stoltzfus, star of TLC’s “Breaking Amish,” is showing off her sexy side in a new shoot for Maxim magazine.

An intimate portrait of Amish family life and faith, this film opens up a world usually kept private. Miriam and David are Old Order Amish and photography is not

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